Exactly, you have understood well be FEMALE AND THE SAME TIME LOVERS, a balanced 50/50 role Playing !!

Man is made of two things EGO and VIRILITY , in other words, the male ego is not only a reflection of the individual self, but also a cultural definition of masculinity and ideas about how men act and think.

The identities of men are, therefore, forged by social influences, from a world made to appear, there is not one truth but only what others see and this is the only truth, human beings are social animals, after all!

All men and women have emotions, even though they are shown in different ways. Men who do not show their emotions, try them anyway, but because of social conditioning have learned not to let see them, Man is first and foremost male and always competitive with other males, He wants to be sought after, unique, precious, the ego wants this and if you exalt this in your man you making him proud of being trusted and responsible, that we can count on him.







Manly man is confident of himself in and out of bed, by emphasizing his virility in the presence of other women “especially in the presence of women of their friends”  you makes it more attractive and less inclined to woo others who might be interested to showing it, man wants to conquer and just enough !!

The man is a “lion” predator-born conqueror, a being who lives in a group but exalting his side “alpha” the dominant male, it is the one who has taken over the “previous male” that must be driven by force, to have control of the female and we females have to synchronize with the other females, do we lioness have great practical sense? Without any hierarchical pride?

Mmm, I have my doubts about us women evolved, however, we can always experience our totally custom method no?

The masculine man goes straight on what he wants, but not boastful or arrogant and always remember that his sexual perspectives revolve around human beings who, in turn, have needs and desires.

In short women, did you understand it?

If you know how to exalt the ego and virility in your MAN, you can do whatever you want of him, or almost and we women are advantaged, Please Be Naked !!!

By Tizi Prade