The black leather jacket also said ” nail “ is one of the most essential and important that you should also possess this summer, is exactly what I mean, learn to choose one according to your body’s shape, personal style and preferences in order to build the most playful and harmonious than ever.

The ” nail ” is the name with which in Italy is referred to the leather jacket, traditionally black and long to the waist, Perfecto was the brand name introduced to the market in 1928. The Perfecto was usually worn by bikers, on a shirt and a pair of jeans, although essentially unchanged in appearance if not “enriched,” it has been amended over the years to be able to adapt to the fashions of the moment.

Now what to wear.

In general, if you want to put the focus on the upper part of the body it is possible to use different details such as studs, zippers, pins, etc. but if you want to put attention on the lower part, the minimalist options are what you need.

Matching your leather jacket with the rest of the clothes you wear is just as important and there are some pretty interesting variations that I could suggest, like with shorts or jeans and white t-shirt, with long clothes, take a look at the pictures below. Anything that you choose should be the one that makes us feel comfortable and be at ease, he has no age, so hurry to create your own version! .

Tizi Prade


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