I’ve chosen to live in this wonderful country, where you can breathe the air that still has the smell of “air”, the communal grounds are kept as private, respect for everything and everything is permeating, but?

Lugano still has not found its new identity, is a “gray area” (speaking in Fashion language) it no black and white it. Once in Lugano were the powers of economics and finance who had made it a city of Luxury, with a strong economic connotation but also cultural , now this world has been greatly weakened or most secret and shows us a evolutionary facade of service society remained in the middle”.






You make two steps forward and back to downtown, you hear traders who complain about the high prices of rents, you see a lot of publicity entirely focused on the promotion and disappeared or nearly that of Luxury and Prestige, you get the feeling that the city has closed in on itself and not open to new options, seems adapted to what is seen and hears.

I have recently followed a television broadcast Falò, speaking precisely of this, of his weakening, the rich one time came in Lugano for business and then went to buy herself a new model of Rolex and satisfied they coming back home with his prestigious package red and white.

In reality, in the business – well as in life – as we try to do the superiors we often strive to go well at all, right?


For try to put all agree you may not have a precise identity and does not knowing to whom you are targeting. It is very important however to understand very well who we are (city profile) and to whom we are talking about (target audience).


City ProfileFourth Swiss city, safe, rich, clean, these are its strong points that aim to make this city human AND EXCLUSIVE.

Target Audience People who live or transiting in Lugano overshadow everything that can offer a big city also because close to everything for a life of comfort and exclusive, making us feel the ELECTED.

Lugano must not put all agree with but have relationships with those who appreciated for what it is and what they offers as compatible with their profiles.

And then who said that filtering the mass and engage inone targhet shrink its potential?

The scheme of globalization in Lugano can be a point of reference, but can not represent the identity of this city, I repeat, MARVELOUS, we must to take note and learn to manage it better but without giving up at LUXURY PERFUME.



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I lived for many years in Saint Paul de Vence Cote d’Azur, very small reality connected to a single thread CULTURE AND ART, arriving full of bus people on Saturday and Sunday, people toured the country and went off again as well with only one bag of lavender from Vence, the “Plateau de la Lune but in their nostrils not only brought the fragrant souvenir but also PERFUME indeed of ART and CULTURE well impressed and citizens and shopkeepers were among them integral part, we were all attached to the same wire…

Said that, I’m not in the category of individuals who always give at the Administration‘s fault “also because I’m a baby and I could not but perceiving the naturally handsome and style, also for my craft , firmly I think that this is a city to be protected, in whole; if you go to Berne you go to the capital, if you go to Zurich, in the city of services and entertainment, in Geneva, one of the most beautiful cities on the lake and Lugano?






She, the beautiful, the precious SEEMS NOT HAVE MORE ” AN IDENTITY “, at the end the rich of the world come here for the fiscal and they remain muted, Swiss German people for the climate, and then? Then missing LUXURY PERFUME, BECAUSE ‘THE LUXURY CONCEPT IS CHANGED! – see my past article –

The REAL strategy is a failure not when appear the ‘haters’ or who crying on him but when you are IGNORED. Even those who hate you finally promotes you in his own way; then someone comes back, gets curious and ‘rediscovered you‘ – let’s find it, reinventing this PERFUME that no one can NEVER steal, the patent is ours, deposited and guarded in the armored caveau in this exemplary city.

Tizi Prade