As I have said many times, the style of a person is not just its outward appearance but also its behavior, so let’s talk about the qualities of a man’s behavior that help to enhance his style especially in the eyes of a woman.

A man, like a woman, could be dressed elegantly, have a perfect body, but if it is not capable of creating empathy and pleasure soon leave the time he finds.

Dress is simply a tool for communicating with more decisiveness the messages we intend to convey to others.

This does not mean, however, to live with the obsession of to be dressed always perfect, or for nothing, to have style something else is needed …

A positive and serene attitude, but firm!

Have self-confidence.

Knowing listen and show interest.

Be polite and kind without exaggerating.

A bit ‘of gallantry does not hurt.


In the gallery we see some outfits that make communication: