Art is life …

Art is desire of the individual to connect to all existence;  connect and  express the life .

MONCLER has decided to pursue the artistic and abstract itinerary that elaborated with Chinese artist Liu Bolin becomes “Invisible Man”.







Art is increasingly treated as a separate entity, a thing reserved for specialists, Annie Leibovitz with her camera and creative expression gives us vital energy, such as “invisible” blood flowing in the body of a man tied to the environment, the surreal theme of transparency.

Creative intelligence is “hidden” and blends with painting and the environment, it becomes a mirror that allows you to look deeply into the French brand with “invisibility”.



In one step, it’s as if Moncler and Bolin wanted to pay more attention to the backgrounds and details of the images rather than to the collection itself.

This intersection between the natural and the urban is fascinating, the strong message that comes to us is living every moment giving space to intuition and spontaneity, once this secret is learned, the doors and windows of our creative intelligence are opened.




An advertising campaign I loved a lot and made MONCLER the spectacular fusion of Art, Life and Fashion.

Look at this amazing video, Tizi Prade.