shoeaholics photo Testino



How to recognize a shoe-aholic?  shoe-aholic (=someone who loves shoes) YES!

More than 60 pairs of shoes? YES!

Inspiration and love for shoes is charming and amaysing, every woman has been fascinated by luxury shoes ones in her life.

When we discover a new pair of shoes while we’re shopping, we don’t exitate to buy it, without even think about.
We just want it because we like it.

The heel height depend on season, fashion trand, and social status of the woman is gonna wear it.

Women are very proud about the love they feel for shoes, make them feel better.

A book “Shoes never lie” written by Mimi Pond is expressed about shoes as below;

  • Wearing heel with a string can be equally treated as women wearing dangerous V-neck.
  • Wearing ankle boots can be equally considered as women being modest and sexy at the same time.
  • Wearing toe-open shoes is regarded as women’s craving of exposure underwear.

The shoes in short, they are a symbol of feminine desire and we all love them madly.

By Tizi Prade

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