Fresh Faces

Fresh faces prevailed with dewy complexion and were accented with dustings of sparkle, painterly detail, applications and warm flushes of bronze that gave natural-feeling flushes of color warmth and a fresh face look.


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Hair ranged from updated braids, pony tails held ribbons and hair jewels to textured curls and barely done looks.  Classic sleek straight finishes were also popular.


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French manicures were modernized with subtle color pop and line detail. Classic reds popped on some nails tying back to the strength of red and blue on lips.  Glitter and Metal foils where used for subtle detail and tied together the strong presence of play.



jacobs-bks-m-rs17-0234 jason-wu-bks-v-rs17-5730 marc-valvo-bks-v-rs17-7292 marc-valvo-bks-v-rs17-7301 olympia-bks-m-rs17-1886-1 5beacbf7f392dc66fe0d31a8ee0ece46 a0d3359c4e839d6a524dbf09d359a781 e838a2abfc549a9ac005da8d2aa98bcc



Red Lips Sink Ships

Lips spoke two volumes from soft nudes to bold blue, red, tangerine, deep wines or fully played up with glitter.



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Monochromatic Match Point

Eyes took flight with line detail from dramatic winged and lined eyes to sweeps of color in monochromatic looks for eyes and lips that was subdued for fresh face looks and amped up for more whimsy and color blocking.


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