Summer can be for many the season of love: accompanying the moonlight long nights, holidays, evenings with old and new friends is easier to let go and live flirtations. Some make any difference, other awaken sexuality, someone lose their heads, and still others are transformed into real relationships.

Stories that can represent the transgression of the moment or leave a great deal of pain, but all summer loves give emotions that over time we remember with a smile.


  1. The evening involved and the morning upset
    Beach parties, a glass of wine, sunsets, the sea often make everything very romantic and make people look different from what they are then in reality.

    Among the summer love that can happen, there are stories in which the night before you feel involved, sockets, attracted … but when you wake up, when the spell is over, you just want to escape.
  2. With Dongiovanni                                                                                                                                                                  It can happen to all fall into his arms, basically a true Don Giovanni knows what he want to do and when he want a woman puts in place a number of strategies that would make anyone fall.
    So if you thought you were the only one the night before, the next day, when you see him playing the same script with another, you’ll see who you are facing: take it with philosophy!
  3. With that does not leave you any more.
    Yeah, among the summer loves you can encounter, there is also one that will fall in love with you, which maybe after a mistaken kiss, you will find it everywhere and stick to you. In this case, either decide to run away and sow it or resign. Basically this type of flirting can be good for self-esteem!
  4. With the passionate
    There are summer loves that involve you from the very first moment you meet, which make your heart beat, that make you feel alive. The moments you spend together is full of passion, and lived in the here and now, without thinking about tomorrow but enjoying the so intense today as it happens a few times! And the memory that will leave these stories will be beautiful even after many years.
  5. Platonic love
    Have you ever met a person on vacation in the summer, to talk to him for a whole night, to fantasize, but on the most beautiful moment happens something that breaks you the magic and leaving you with the remorse of what might have been?
  6. “Forever”
    Although it is not easy, it may happen that during a travel with strangers or a holiday among friends a spark of summer
    flirt turns history into a true love that will continue even when you return to everyday life.