The men I do not like are those that induce me to turn the heels and go as long as they are still in time!

Those, in short, too stereotyped, with a degree of self-esteem and narcissism too high.

Boor men, star of TV entertainment programs, Ken’s men of Barbie, are beautiful and I know, handsome guy but the primate plate does it to the aesthetic masochist.







Is possible, as the “feminine” picture today is now focuses on the wax doll with swollen lips, the macho went finished in a jubilation of Mummy facelift effect. That license that makes them “intriguing” although marked by wrinkles, scars and a few gray hairs and “sexy” if strung out, traveling in a dimension that is called personal security.

Can I give you advice? Men, it is only right to take self-care, man cared, apparently healthy and confident is irresistible but who does it make you nailed your face if there are much less invasive and natural methods that work? Let women the arduous mission of being the Michelin Man.







Below I will point them, suitable for men but also advice to women:

  • Endoscopic Lifting is used to restore compactness and volume to the face with the stretching of the skin, the repositioning of the muscles of the face and neck, even minilifting: however, it is necessary to make it clear, as for minilifting we should not mean a small liftup but a true full face lifting that thanks to the endoscopic technique achieves better results than the old surgical techniques few years ago.
  • The Carboxytherapy is subcutaneous administrationthrough tiny injections with a fine needle, do not be afraid carbon dioxide for therapeutic purposes, to combat some health problems and blemishes; The treatment acts by reactivating cellular metabolism and enzymes, also acts on the bloodstream – increasing the flow rate and the opening of the capillaries –  oxygenates tissues better the appearance of the skin that must be kept bright and toned. The effect is immediate.
  • Cold plasma treatment, is a treatment for bioregeneration and biostimulation of the skin. It is a new technology that allows, without discomfort and without invasiveness, to gradually remove the top layer of skin which has undergone more wear phenomena related to exposure to light, cold, to atmospheric pollutants, greatly improving stains, acne micro-scars, fine wrinkles, and restore normal skin vascularization which gives brightness and freshness.
  • Bioregulatory therapy is a mini-invasive medical-aesthetic procedure that allows you to reactivate normal turn-over cellular processes by adding biostimulation and biorigination. Perfect for acne scars, this outpatient technique consists in performing small injections with subtle needles or with the surface dermis cannula, in localized areas of the face, neck and decollet√©, dr. Danilo Urbani performs it with personalized cocktails based on Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Silicon.

We do not forget the power today considered a true luxury of the supplements, INSIDE /OUT healthy and beautiful, there are marketing a multitude but for men it is believed that the Q10 and Resveratrol are the most suitable as cellular oxygenating.

Did you understand boys? Do not follow the aesthetic modalities of women who are often excessive or if you continue in this delirium aesthetic perfectionism, you are able to get you to come even cellulite, our obsession and lucky you who do not know her.


Tizi Prade