OK, again I tell you a story, if you enjoyed the previous history of Nora and Alex NEVER JUDGE THE GIRLS FROM THEIR CLOTHING, today will tell the story of a man who found a tiny eagle.





One day a man found a tiny eagle, brought it home and put it in the henhouse where he soon learned to peck at the chickens of feed and to behave like them. One day a naturalist who was passing there, asked why an eagle, the bird queen, lived in the hen house to live with the chickens.

“Because I have nurtured her by chickens feed, I taught her to be a hens and did not learn to fly!” Replied the owner;

She acts like a hen and thus no longer an eagle.”

However, he insisted the naturalist, even HAVE an eagle’s heart and can certainly learn to fly!”.

After much discussion, the two found themselves in agreement in wanting to find out if that was possible. The naturalist took the eagle with delicacies in his arms and said:

You belong to the sky, not the ground. Spread your wings and fly. “

But the eagle was feeling rather confused. She was not sure who she was, and seeing the chickens pecking feed, jumped down and joined them. Undeterred, the naturalist returned the day after to resume the eagle, brought it on the roof of the house and incited her to again saying:

” You are an eagle. Open your wings and fly. “

But the eagle was afraid of this new himself that she did not know the world; once again jumped down and went to peck at the feed. On the third day the naturalist woke up early, went to get the eagle and took her to the top of a mountain. There he held up the bird’s queen and tried to encourage her by saying:

You are an eagle, you belong to heaven and earth, now open your wings and fly.”

The eagle looked around, looked down at the hen house, looked up at the sky, the eagle began to tremble and open wings, finally, with a triumphant cry, soared into the sky.




Friends ! There have been people who by birth, culture or attendance made us think of as chickens (without detracting from the animal species) and still believe actually belong to the chickens. INSTEAD WE ARE EAGLES.

Know your values? Know your limits? Know your passions?

The hens are there, attractive and ready to welcome you, but when you’re part of it, you pay some heavy tribute, to them it is not “delivered” just your uniqueness but also the dear and beloved brain, particularly your leisure free will and decision making, it requires a conscious and courageous choice that allows you to be honest and follow what you want, behaving in order to be in line with your values and your passions.

For this, dear friends who follow me, do not be satisfied more than scratching the birdseed that others pull us, our ARE STYLE, OUR INSPIRATION DEEP to be truly ourselves, PLEASE BE NAKED / EAGLE.

Tizi Prade.